Young Adult Literature Review: Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

AFTER her blockbuster historical fiction full of 1950s Hollywood glamor – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid focused on 1970s rock bands for her next.

This, like her previous work, demonstrates a unique writing skill in creating fake celebrities who start to feel real. She captures the essence of this type of person so well that it’s like they’ve always been there as part of our culture, but try to find a Daisy Jones and The Six album and you’ll feel a slight disappointment when you will remember it. t exist. Fortunately, Amazon Prime is currently working on a story-based miniseries.

Daisy Jones, the daughter of a wealthy couple, her painter father and model mother, has stunning natural beauty and singing talent, but grew up without their attention and care. To avoid loneliness, she frequents musicians who don’t care about her age, and drugs and alcohol flow too quickly, habits that follow her throughout her life.

The only real comfort she finds is writing song lyrics, but when she signs a recording deal, it’s to sing along to what’s written for her. That is, until she meets the Six.

The Six are a talented rock band on their way to fame created by the brothers, lead guitarist Warren and songwriter and frontman Billy Dunne. As Daisy’s debut album grows in popularity and The Six needs a real single, she is asked to help them out on a song called Honeycomb. It is with this song that everything changes.

When Daisy and Billy sing together there is something uniquely captivating about the combination of their talents, even though they fight almost every moment and end up hating each other. They start a chaotic story that was never meant to be the one told, but is picked up by Rolling Stone and helps to rocket their fame instantly. The question everyone has when they see them play together, is it really the hate or love that Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne have for each other.

Billy’s frustration with Daisy stems from their shared addictions, but where Billy is sober and working on his marriage, Daisy is the furthest thing from it, a danger that both intimidates and calls out to him.

As the group creates an unforgettable album and reaches unimaginable heights of fame, the personal issues they face within their group also increase.

While Daisy and Billy always see themselves the center of attention, in this book great care is taken with how other characters impact and their often unnoticed conflicts. Each member of the group has a space to tell their story in this fast-paced interview-style novel.

On the surface, it’s a rock n roll novel that feels like you’re reading celebrity gossip, but in reality it’s all about addiction, unrequited love and what takes place behind the scenes of seemingly perfect lives. It is an unforgettable novel for any music lover.

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