What is the trend in wooden design?

An essential part of the quintessential Australian home – traditional or modern – wood is rightly celebrated for its beauty, versatility and durability. These qualities have prompted architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners to embrace the warm, natural hues of wood in increasingly bold ways. While wood was once reserved for internal structures such as flooring, furniture or cabinets, it is now becoming an essential part of the exterior and interior design of homes.

With natural wood highlighted as a defining residential architectural feature this year, we bring you the top 5 wood design trends of 2022.

The 5 Best Wood Design Trends of 2022

#1 Wood Design Trend Natural Connection

Connecting with nature by taking a walk in the local bush or forest, your surroundings teaming up with life and seeming to breathe with every rustle of the leaves, is guaranteed to make you happy. Biophilia is rooted in this human affinity for nature. In 2022, we are seeing the rise of biophilic design – the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments – as homeowners invite the outdoor environment indoors. Wood’s unparalleled ability to provide natural aesthetics and an immediate connection to nature that infuses a sense of well-being is expected to increase its popularity in interior and exterior designs.

Wood Design Trend #2 Curved Appeal

In every work of art there is an appreciation for curves that reflect the organic forms of nature. Curved shapes are currently experiencing a renaissance in residential architecture. Catching the eye and adding a softness and elegance to the exterior or interior of a home, we anticipate the new obsession with curved surfaces, and in particular curved wood surfaces, to continue. From rounded paneled fronts and curved edges on kitchen benches and wooden interior walls, to wooden arches, doors and windows, we’ve only just seen the start of this trend.

Wood Design Trend #3 Wood Panels and Patterns

Horizontal patterns and symmetrical vertical panels are outdated. In 2022, we expect architects to think outside the box and use different lumber widths and uneven spacing to create unique patterns and configurations. In 2021, many award-winning homes announced significant innovation in the use of wood in residential architecture, as large swaths of contemporary homes were clad in natural wood. We expect 2022 to take things a step further with Australian hardwood clad facades wrapping the house and panels cleverly concealing the garage doors. Inside, wood-panelled walls and ceilings, solid wood partitions and beams evoke a mid-century modern vibe.

#4 Wooden Design Trend Outdoor Living Spaces for Home Vacations

Outdoor living spaces are a hallmark of Australian architecture, as we know from the classic ‘back porch’. In the wake of COVID lockdowns, travel restrictions and working from home, Australians are investing to make their everyday home feel like a vacation getaway. From sprawling entertaining spaces with impressive outdoor kitchens, patios and pools, to lounge areas and wood-clad garden studios/home offices, we make our homes our sanctuaries. Whether for an upscale lifestyle or simply for function, wood remains the number one choice to take you from home to vacation.

Wood Design Trend #5 Wood Tones

Whether you’re building for the first time or renovating your current home, natural wood tones are trending. As we strive to forge stronger connections with our surroundings, we favor nature’s diverse color palette. A variety of light to dark tones, from washed-out grays to almost black, are increasingly appearing alongside the more traditional warm, honey and red tones. Rather than limiting ourselves to a small selection of wood tones, our unbridled passion for exploring the full spectrum of wood colors drives us in our quest to find the perfect match for design aesthetic, location and lifestyle.

If you are building, renovating or simply revitalizing the wooden elements of your home in 2022, we would love to talk to you, your architect or builder, about how CUTEK can be used in your project to maintain and preserve the beauty of your home. your framework.

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