The 2022 Architectural Drawing Prize is now open for submissions

The 2022 Architectural Drawing Prize is now open for submissions

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GLOBAL WINNER 2021 + HYBRID / ‘GLOBAL WINNER 2021 + HYBRID_’Fluid Strata’ by Filippa Dafniluid Strata’ by Filippa Dafni

In partnership with Make Architects and Sir John Soane’s Museum, World Architecture Festival announces the call for applications for the sixth edition of architectural drawing price. Launched in 2017, the award was created to celebrate and showcase the art and skill of architectural design.

In the spirit of the work of great architects of the past, from Palladio and John Soane to Le Corbusier and Cedric Price, The Architecture Drawing Prize is a platform to reflect on and explore how drawing continues to advance the art of architecture. architecture today. It encompasses the creative use of digital tools and digitally produced renderings while recognizing the enduring importance of hand drawing.

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2021 DIGITAL CATEGORY / Flux’ Site(s) by Zachary Higson

WAF invites input of all types and shapes – from concept drawings to technical or construction drawings, sections or perspective views – and everything in between. Applications are welcome from architects, designers and students worldwide in the following categories: hand-drawn, digital and hybrid (combining the two).

Submissions in all three categories will be evaluated on their technical skill, originality of approach, and ability to convey an architectural idea. Drawings can be entirely speculative or relate to real projects.

This year’s judges are the director of the Sir John Soane Museum, Bruce Boucher; artist Pablo Bronstein; Founder of Lily Jencks Studio, Lily Jencks; artists Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell; Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group; Senior Partner at Foster + Partners, Narinder Sagoo and Founder of Make Architects, Ken Shuttleworth.

The overall winner for 2022 will be announced at the preview of The Architecture Drawing Prize exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum, which runs from February 8 to May 7, 2023, and will feature a selection of winning and shortlisted works. WAF will fund the grand prize winner to attend this preview event in London.

The 2022 Architectural Drawing Award is now open for submissions - Image 3 of 4
2021 HYBRID CATEGORY / ‘(Un)homeliness’ by Boji HuUn)homeliness’ by Boji Hu

Standard registration for the price is £99 with a reduced fee of £49 for all student and under 30 registrations. There is also a multiple entry discount offered when submitting three or more projects. Attendees must use code STANDARDMULTI10 or STUDENMULTI10 at checkout to save 10%

For more details on how to enter the Architectural Drawing Award, visit: or on Instagram @architecturedrawingprize

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