Ryan Schneider ‘NO-BODY’S FOOL’ Case Study Sculpture

Ryan Schneider is an American artist who creates expressive works that reflect the mythical aura of his home base in Joshua Tree. Originally a painter, Schneider has turned to sculpture in recent years, painting on massive wooden blocks that often require power tools, such as chainsaws, to mold.

His latest sculpture follows this current trajectory, a new bronze sculpture called NOBODY IS TOUGH. Made in collaboration with Case Studyo, the sculpture features a polished finish molded from an original wood carving chainsaw-sawn from cedar from Idyllwild, California.

The four-faced totemic sculpture is described by the artist as “a bodiless head, a floating consciousness temporarily charged with materiality, an ancient being that dwells within.” His altered shape face exhibits a range of human emotions – from annoyance and frustration to happiness and gratitude. Whatever the feeling, NOBODY IS TOUGH will not be deceived by anyone. Schneider recommends that perhaps the best thing to do is to “enjoy each other’s company in a mutually respectful rhythm, ride the wave of time together, feel all the feelings, admire all the sights, without exchanging words. “.

NOBODY IS TOUGH is an edition of eight, plus four artist’s proofs. Measuring nearly 10 inches tall x 7 inches wide, the bronze sculpture comes signed and numbered in a screen-printed box and is available for inquiry here.

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