Ricardo Bofill, Architecture as science fiction

disappearance – Star architect of the 1980s, often considered a pioneer of postmodernism, this Catalan left a huge disparate body of work, much crazier in his personal projects than in his public commissions.

Place de la Catalunya in Paris is everything, with its austere architecture, its impeccable city air painted like a sci-fi comic book and its drab concrete that bets on the purity that is better suited to the sun. Ricardo Bofill, a former student of the Lycée Français de Barcelona and therefore a perfect master of the language, left his mark behind the Montparnasse Tower, with this ambitious, disturbing, somewhat outdated ensemble, equipped with a large sloping central fountain. A plane like landing on the moon, was poorly received by locals and saw the whole thing as too cruel.

In the 1980s, the mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac, who wanted to pay homage to Catalonia, commissioned Ricardo Bofill to develop this spacious square, a place that has since remained somewhat isolated. The charismatic Catalan architect has imagined 574 dwellings there, including 400 for social purposes in a strict and unified whole, sometimes perceived as inhuman, even a prison.

What he wanted was to make the city dramatic. His vocabulary…

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