Rehmat Shah Sail’s services for Pashto literature are commended

PESHAWAR: Pashtun poets, critics, scholars, scholars and writers at a literary ceremony paid glowing tributes to famous Pashtun poet Rehmat Shah Sail and declared him one of the most popular among his contemporary Pashtun poets in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

Pashto Adabi Tolana (literary society) Kheshgi, Nowshera organized a literary rally in honor of Rehmat Shah Sail on Sunday at Adabi Kor in Kheshgi Payan where eminent Pashto writers and intellectuals Dr Israr, Prof Yar Mohammad Maghmoom, Prof Dr Abdullah Jan Abid, Haseena Gul Tanha, Aziz Manirwal, former Highway Police IG Sheikh Shaukat Hayat, Dr. Sadiq Jarhak, former MPA Salim Khan Advocate, Saidul Amin Ahsan, Farhad Mohammad Ghalib Tarin and Aqil Yusufzai and others presented their articles, opinions and reviews on the life and works of Rehmat Shah Sail.

The one-day session was divided into three parts.

In the first session, Rehmat Shah Sail spoke about his early life, family background, poetry, books and political and literary struggle while guests seated at the presidium highlighted the works, especially his poetry and other aspects of Rehmat Shah’s Veil multidimensional personality.

In the second session, the audience, made up of well-educated and highly learned people, expressed opinions and asked questions about the work of the guest of honor.

In the third session, famous Pashto singer Naeem Tori, Nasim Ijaz and others captivated the audience with Rehmat Shah Sail’s lyrics and poetry.

About his life and family, Rehmat Shah Sail said that he was the only son of his poor parents, as four of his siblings died in childhood from smallpox. He said he was born in a village of Warteer in the old Malakand agency.

He said he experienced hardships as a child, including working in the fields, grazing cattle and working with his father, who was a bricklayer by profession.

He said he could not continue his education due to poverty as the school was located far from his home and he took up sewing as a profession when he left school. He said that he started composing and saying poetry at a very young age, but he hid his poetry for a long time due to certain reasons.

Author of many Pashtun books including poetry and prose, Rehmat Shah Sail also contributed columns and articles to Pashtun and Urdu newspapers and also remained editor of the Pashtun weekly Pashtoon for a long time .

Almost all Pashto singers including Gulzar Alam, Haroon Baacha, Naeem Tori, Fayyaz Kheshgi, Nazia Iqbal, Nasim Ijaz and others had sung Rehmat Shah Sail’s romantic and revolutionary poetry and lyrics.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Jan Abid, President Pakistan Languages ​​Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad said that Rehmat Shah wrote on almost every topic and aspect related to Pakhtuns and their soil, but his groundbreaking poetry had some. makes the most popular contemporary poet. in Pashtun literature.

“We must respect and recognize the talent and artistry of these poets in their lives,” he said referring to Rehmat Shah Sail.

Dr. Israr said that Rehmat Shah made huge contributions to Pashto poetry and literature as he wrote for the people and participated in Pashto Mushaira and literary gatherings wherever he was invited at his young age.

“As Rehmat Shah saw difficulties in his life, so he knows the pains and desires of the poor which he reflected in his poetry,” he said and added that these people should be respected in their lives.

Professor Yar Mohammad Maghmoom said that Rehmat Shah Sail had earned a place among the greatest contemporary poets and writers for the style, language, words and metaphors he used in his poetry, mainly in his poetry romantic. “Such poets are born once in a century and we must recognize their art and their personality,” he added.

Salim Khan Advocate, a former MPA and provincial leader of the National Awami Party, said that like Khan Abdul Ghani Khan and Ajmal Khattak, Rehmat Shah Sail had made a name for himself in his revolutionary poetry, particularly linked to Pakhtun nationalism.

He claimed he was the only Pashtun poet whose progressive and revolutionary poetry was acclaimed by leading Pashtun nationalists, including Bacha Khan.

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