Partially shredded Banksy painting sells for over £ 18million

A partially shredded Banksy painting sold for £ 18,582,000 at auction.

His work Love Is In The Bin was sold in London by auction house Sotheby’s, which said the fees were a record for the street artist.

The painting, originally titled Girl With Balloon, made headlines in 2018 when it partially self-destructed following a previous auction in which it was sold for $ 1, £ 1million.

The canvas was passed through a secret shredder hidden inside the large frame, leaving the bottom half in tatters and only a lone red balloon on a white background in the frame.

Love Is In The Bin topped its price estimate between £ 4-6million.

Girl With Balloon, which depicts a small child reaching out for a red heart-shaped balloon, was originally stenciled on an east London wall and has been reproduced endlessly, becoming the one of Banksy’s best-known images.

Love is in the trash (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

Alex Branczik, President of Modern and Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Asia, said: “It has been almost three years to the day since one of the most ingenious moments in performance art of this century entered the world. history of auctions.

“It was a whirlwind to follow the course of this now legendary piece and to find it among us, offering it this evening in the very room where it was created by the artist.

“Banksy is no stranger to making headlines and this latest chapter in his story has captured the imaginations of the world – we can only begin to guess what might happen next.”

The seller of the artwork, who placed the winning £ 1million auction on Girl With Balloon, previously called the shredding of the artwork ‘surreal’.

They added that he had become the “accidental – but very privileged – owner of Love Is In The Bin.”

In March, Banksy raised more than £ 16million for health projects by auctioning Game Changer, a hand-painted image showing a young boy playing with superhero dolls.

As Batman and Spiderman are thrown into a trash can, the child grabs the silhouette of a masked nurse wearing a cape.

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