Painting the City Red and Yellow: The City’s Road Safety Trials | News from Noida

Noida: Ten pedestrian crossings in Noida are not black and white. They come out of the roads with bright colors, some displaying red spots; more images of yellow forks and spoons; and a few others, blank barcodes.
This is part of the Noida Authority’s initiative to motivate those walking on the roads to use these crossings and encourage drivers to yield to pedestrians, officials said on Thursday.
The Authority chose 10 level crossings near schools, markets and hospitals for the first phase of this project. The areas where it has been implemented since last year are near DPS Noida School (Sectors 29, 28), Bal Bharti School and Sector 25 Market, Max Hospital/Atta Market, from Sector 18 and Atta Market, Brahmaputra Market and Sector 28, DLF Mall of India in Sector 18, Indra Market and Sector 27, Kailash Hospital (Sector 26), Shashi Chowk, Shopping Complex Ganga and Sector 29.
Officials said such initiatives had been taken in Western countries, including the UK, over the past decade. But how does this help? Design consultant Neelima Rana Sharma of Orionn Architects said the idea was to encourage road safety. “The colors grab the attention of drivers on the roads. This pattern will be replicated across the city,” Sharma said.
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