New bronze sculpture from Šibenik unveiled in town

October 1, 2021 – As in Zagreb, Split and other Croatian cities, a new bronze sculpture from Å ibenik was officially unveiled and warmly welcomed by the locals. It is a scale sculpture that serves as a miniature of the Dalmatian city and now adds to its various attractions.

As reported by Slobodna Dalmacija, eight hundred kilograms of clay, 1.5 tons of bronze and nearly two years of hard work, sculpture, study of space theory, mathematics and geometry were all needed by the painter-graphic designer of Zagreb with the address of Å ibenik Zvonimir Vila to create his city plan in volume, a new bronze sculpture from Å ibenik called Sibenik stina. It was placed in the square in front of KreÅ¡imir’s house where the city administration is located, and it was solemnly inaugurated on Wednesday evening, Å ibenik city day.

Photo: Dusko Jaramaz / PIXSELL

Other cities have models, mostly processed industrially, but Šibenik got a work of art, a high relief, in fact, a sculpture of its historic city center that creates a history of space, brings emotion and leads the viewer through the old streets of Šibenik, rocks, thighs and squares, highlights its historical and cultural heritage as well as the very life of Šibenik, as the mayor of Šibenik Željko Burić said, convinced that Šibenik is now part of this life.

The creation of the sculpture, the dimensions of which Vila determined to be 4×2 meters on a plinth about 60 centimeters high, was initiated by the Å ibenik Tourist Board, and the money was provided by European funds.

The goal was initially to make the city center a model as our most important and valuable resource and potential, as other cities have done. However, we decided to give it to our Zvonimir Vila, who made a sculpture from the model. The process was long, there were technical, financial and administrative problems, and the pandemic bothered us. The new bronze sculpture from Å ibenik is here now and I am delighted with it. Å ibenik has acquired another cultural value and a tourist attraction, ” said Dino KaraÄ‘ole, director of the Tourism Board.


Photo: Dusko Jaramaz / PIXSELL

” I’m happy to be in my city tonight and just told the mayor that I don’t recognize anything anymore. Whether it is good or not, I do not know, but I do know that this sculpture, it is good that you call it that, and not a model, speaks of the spirit of Å ibenik. However, why this sculpture on this day, the feast of St. Michael? Quite simply because the saints personify the cities. This symbiotic relationship between a saint and a city, an equation that has been confirmed in a thousand examples. What are St. Vlaho, St. Duje, St. KrÅ¡evan in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, it is St. Mihovil in Å ibenik. I think it is a happy choice that this work was given, not so much to the sculptor, but to the graphic designer, because he achieved what is most important in Å ibenik, and that is the labyrinthine feeling that you have in this city of incredible topography. If you were to do a model, 3D, 4D or like it’s done today, you would get a good informative picture, but here you have a real work of art, ” said art historian dr. Sc. Josip Belamarić.

I did this quite emotionally and with difficulty. When I took the job, I knew it wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge. The sculpture was made with the classical sculptural technique, first in clay, and later also with the classical method in bronze by his colleague Ante Jurkić, who did a great job of casting, ” said Vila, the author, also thanking all those who supported him in the arduous and long process of creation, in particular many citizens and tourists who peeked into his workshop while he worked.


Photo: Dusko Jaramaz / PIXSELL

Vila also admitted that he would have preferred his work, as initially planned, to be located in Poljana. Nothing makes more sense, he says, that the Old Town sculpture is in the Old Town, and not outside its borders, despite being only 50 meters from Poljana. However, the authors of the architectural-urban development project of Poljana did not accept this proposal.

In any case, the residents of Å ibenik will not be disturbed by the location of the new bronze sculpture of Å ibenik. A large number of people came to see the sculpture, and warm congratulations to Vila and many selfies were taken on the first evening near Å ibenik stina.

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