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2018. L’édition 2022 accepte maintenant les soumissions (détails ci-dessous).” width=”514″ height=”” />

Li Han’s work “The Samsara of Building No.42 on Dirty Street” was the overall and digital winner of the 2018 Architectural Drawing Award. The 2022 edition is now accepting submissions (details below).

If summer is boring you with nothing to do, check out some of the latest architecture and design competitions listed on Bustler.

For this week curated selectionswe’ve compiled four briefs inviting temporary interventions on the public realm in London, the best architectural designs from around the world, concepts for floating homes in flood-prone Miami, and designs for a rehabilitation center for victims of terrorism in Iraq.

For the full directory of newly listed competitions, click here.

Co-designing equity in the public domain
Deadline for registration/submission: Thursday, September 1, 2022

“The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is collaborating with the City of London Corporation, its cultural quarter Culture Mile and the Foundation for Future London to launch ‘Co-designing Equity in the Public Realm’, a new design competition. several temporary public realm interventions in Smithfield and East London that collectively develop a deeper understanding of the public’s experience in streets and public spaces “Co-designing Equity in the Public Realm” is looking for a team to create small-scale intervention(s) and activations in Spring/Summer 2023, which were informed by public engagement and education activities.”

The 2022 Architectural Drawing Prize
Deadline for registration/submission: Friday, September 9, 2022

“The Architectural Design Award was launched in 2017 by Make Architects, the Sir John Soane Museum and the World Architecture Festival. The award, sponsored by Iris Ceramica Group, was created to celebrate and showcase the art and the skills of architectural drawing. The award welcomes applications from architects, designers and students from around the world while celebrating the importance of drawing as a tool for capturing and communicating architectural ideas.”

Miami Floating Housing Competition
Registration deadline: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

“Miami’s sea level rise and housing affordability issues are coalescing into a new phenomenon called ‘climate gentrification’. Current residents of uptown neighborhoods are being displaced by coastal residents seeking escape rising seas and floods. […] Recent neighborhood development and revitalization brings its own underlying uncertainties: will long-time residents be able to find affordable housing close to their current homes and communities? And if so, how can they protect themselves from the risk of being displaced again due to sea level rise? Arch Out Loud taps designers to come up with ideas for floating housing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.”

Dewan Prize for Architecture 2022
Deadline for registration/submission: Saturday, October 1, 2022

“The eponymous Dewan Award for Architecture is an annual open-ended architectural competition. The new award is presented as part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award program which champions and celebrates the best architecture in Iraq and around the world. The international award exciting focuses on designs that respond to local challenges in Iraq.The submissions highlight the country’s hardships and provide uncompromising dialogue and open source of ideas tackling social issues.

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Register by Tue 8 Nov 2022

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Submit by Tue Dec 6 2022

Columbus University Design Research Fellowship Competition 2022-2023

Register/Submit by Monday, August 22, 2022

Cultural life of the community in public spaces

Register/Submit by Sun Oct 30, 2022

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