Meet the winners of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021

Meet the winners of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021

TRANSFER Architecture Video Award announced the winners of its second edition as part of the Urban Ecrans 2021 cinema meetings at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The winner is the video by Joshua Bolchover and John Lin, Divide lives, Hong-Kong, 2021

In the words of the authors, “the film depicts the vernacular typology of underground earthen houses in China and elucidates the dialectic between past and present, traditional and generic, and rural and urban which shapes and configures the condition. contemporary of China. . “

Joshua Bolchover and John Lin created Rural Urban Framework (RUF) as a design and research lab at the University of Hong Kong. Over the past 12 years, RUF has focused on sites impacted by the dynamics between urban and rural transformation.

Honorable mentions

The jury awarded four honorable mentions to the following videos:

Not by Bricks Alone, Archie Cantwell, Ireland, 2019

Art barn, Jim Stephenson, United Kingdom, 2020

A brief history of the elevator step, Ines Weizman, United Kingdom, 2020

Based, Tapio Snellman, United Kingdom / Philippines, 2019

You can discover all the finalists and shortlisted at TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform.

TRANSFERT architecture video award is a biennial international award created by TRANSFER in 2019 to recognize the best contributions exploring innovative ways of analyzing architecture, city or landscape through the short video format. As architectural editors, through this Prize, we aim to explore the potential of this format, linked to contemporary digital means of communication, both as a critical tool and as an artistic practice to reflect on our built environment.

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