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Literature and Culture

Posted on October 12, 2021 | Author Cashmere amount

The change power of literature is undeniable. It has the power to move humans not only emotionally but intellectually. The ideas propagated through a literary work have changed and will change the course of all civilization and society in the world. It is said that if a nation is to be understood, then read its literature and study its art. Although over the past five centuries Kashmir has produced some of the greatest scholars, thinkers and writers who, through their works, have preserved the essential character of Kashmiri literature. We find new life and vigor in the verses of Abdul Ahad Azad and Mahjoor; likewise, an exhausted soul refreshes its mind upon hearing the sensual verses of Rasul Mir. Celebrating and honoring them is not a moment of joy but of pride. We have civil society and literary and cultural organizations that honor those who work and have done commendable work in the field of literature, language and art. However, what has been a common feature of these organizations is that they have reduced it to simple seminars and functions only. Moreover, the majority of these organizations have never attempted to present our literature, our poetry to national and international readers. There is hardly any text that has been translated from English into Kashmir or into Vive. Nevertheless, the blame should not be entirely on the shoulders of these cultural and literary organizations, our language and literatures departments at university level were also responsible as these departments did not actively contribute and help translate texts like this. has been the trend around the world. What has been the saddest thing about these cultural and literary organizations is their strange nature of falling prey to political influences. Our efforts to interact with regional cultures have been almost nil; the result: less understanding, more mistrust. It is necessary to organize regular cultural and literary festivals which, in addition to honoring writers, also take into account regional aspirations. Our language and literature departments must come forward and play their part in presenting our literature to international readers. In addition, it is necessary to organize regular interactive literary sessions between the different regions of UT so that we can understand and understand each other. Holding office is good, but we must introduce literary activism between us that can help us rejuvenate and revive our literature and our culture.

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