“In harmony with nature”: works of organic architecture by artist James Hubbell exhibited in Los Angeles | News


Exterior of Hubbell’s Sea Ranch Chapel. Image: © Craig Tooley

Exterior of the Ilan-lael boys' house.  Image: © John Durant

Exterior of the Ilan-lael boys’ house. Image: © John Durant

Running April 22 (Earth Day) through June 18, 2022, within the Helms Design Center, the show will celebrate Hubbell’s signature organic style of architecture, which includes handcrafted environments crafted from natural materials that provide shelter and an inspiration to those who seek to live in harmony with nature. The likes of his self-made home, Ilan-Lael, his Pacific Rim Park and schools in Tijuana, his chapel in Sea Ranch as well as stunning doors, windows, stained glass and other decorative building elements will be on full display.

Interior of the Ilan-lael boys' house.  Image: © John Durant

Interior of the Ilan-lael boys’ house. Image: © John Durant

Hubbel has a 60-year career, during which he has designed and manufactured buildings, artifacts and works of art that are inspired by the shape of plants, the movement of water and colors and materials found in organic life. In addition to his range of private and public works, he also designs architectural elements, such as carved wooden doors, stained glass windows, ethereal metal gates, molten glass fixtures, mosaic sinks, showers and fountains. , etc

As stated in the Helms Bakery District announcement, “Hubbell’s vision is the antithesis of the rational and the industrial.”

James Hubbell in his studio.  Image: © John Durant

James Hubbell in his studio. Image: © John Durant

“The biggest thing is my infatuation with nature,” Hubbell said. “There is also my love for primitive and naive Gothic architecture, the arts and crafts movement, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudí, and the pleasure of working with the material of stone, wood, cement, clay, metal, glass and mosaics.”

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