Giraffe About Town: Paolozzi-inspired sculpture creates a visual explosion of color at St. Mary’s Cathedral

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The unique project will run until August 29, before the majestic mammals are auctioned in September at Edinburgh Zoo.

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Over the next month, we’ll introduce you to these awesome creatures, their history, and where you can spot them.

Today we present Paolozzi Pop which stands outside St. Mary’s Cathedral on York Place.

The design of this impressive sculpture is inspired by the work of the late Edinburgh artist and son, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, with particular reference to his wonderful use of color and geometric shapes.

The beautiful artwork combines the influence of Paolozzi with simplified and stylized versions of the giraffe markings, resulting in a joyous visual feast of color, shape and giraffe-tastic design.

The beautiful artwork celebrates the work of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi using decorative design and bright, unusual colors.

Paolozzi Pop’s design is intended to be a visual explosion of joy and color that will both delight the viewer and celebrate Paolozzi’s work, using a busy decorative design and bright, unusual colors.

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This stunning sculpture is designed by multidisciplinary artist Victoria J Patton. After graduating in Textile Design from the Falmouth Collage of Art in 2004, the creative artist undertook a series of commissions including painting, graphic design and illustration.

The sculpture is proudly sponsored by John Lewis & Partners Edinburgh who recently celebrated the completion of a five-year, multi-million pound regeneration project as part of the new St James area.

Victoria J Patton is a multidisciplinary artist. His beautiful artwork is intended to be a visual explosion of color that will both delight the viewer and celebrate the work of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

Don’t forget you can download the Giraffe About Town app to help you explore the trail and also have a chance to win prizes.

When you find a sculpture, enter the four-digit code in the app and you may unlock a reward from one of our sponsors.

You can also add to the sculpture gallery, vote for your favorite, and track how far you’ve come while walking the trail.

The app costs 89 pence and the proceeds are donated to the RZSS.

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