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These Regulations specify the types and conditions for the provision of electronic services in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services by the Micahel Foundation in Warsaw regarding the use of the “Cancel Debt” website operating under the domain as well as the conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of such services, as well as the complaint procedure.

In matters not covered in the Regulations, to provide electronic services, in particular to make declarations of will in electronic form, the provisions of the Civil Code and other generally applicable law shall apply.

The terms used in the Regulations mean:

Electronic address – designation of the ICT system enabling communication by electronic means of communication, in particular electronic mail;  

Price – the amount of the fee that the User should pay in connection with the use of paid public benefit activities in accordance with art. 4 of the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work, for which the Foundation charges fees (remuneration) from beneficiaries through the “Cancel Debt” system. The price is specified in the net amount for each generated document and the order to analyze the case file.

Additional remuneration

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Commercial information – any information intended directly or indirectly to promote goods, services or the image of an entrepreneur or practitioner whose right to practice depends on meeting the requirements set out in separate acts, with the exception of information enabling communication via electronic means of communication with specific a person and information about goods and services not serving the commercial effect desired by the entity that outsources its distribution, in particular without remuneration or other benefits from producers, sellers and service providers;  

Account – a part of the “Cancel Debt” System, available to the User after registration and proper logging in, allows the collection and modification of personal data and other information entered by the User.  

The “Cancel the Debt” or Service – Internet portal

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Which is in unpaid Foundation Micahel, who is also the administrator, which IT system, which is based on information entered by the user after processing, automatically generates an electronic document as a PDF file ( Portable Document Format) with specific content, provides advice in the form of a blog and PDF, carries out paid orders for conducting court cases in a writ or electronic writ proceedings, as well as provides individual consultations via a paid order form.