Diglett’s sculpture on Pokémon card reveals muscular, ripped body

An artist created a sculpture of “Cursed” Diglett using the character’s Pokémon card, bringing the buff Diglett meme to life in great detail.

An artist and YouTuber became Pokemon‘s Diglett in a muscular bodybuilder with an awesome Pokemon card sculpture. The creation brings to life one of Diglett’s most popular memes, which imagines what the character might be hiding under the ground from which he emerges.

Diglett has become one of the most memorable Pokémon in the franchise thanks to the character’s simple yet unexplained design. Diglett is still depicted as rising from the ground, with only her face and part of her body visible, similar to the moles seen in Whac-a-Mole arcade games. Ever since the Pocket Monster was introduced in the first generation, fans have been wondering what Diglett might be hiding below, a query that has also extended to its evolved form, Dugtrio. While speculation rages on as to Diglett’s full character design, many fans have envisioned the Pokémon as a buff, toned bodybuilder in what has become one of the Pokemon most popular memes of the series.


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YouTuber North of the border, known to do “little cheesy things, impressed and horrified Pokemon fans with their Diglett Pokémon card sculpture, which they describe as the “The most cursed Pokémon sculpture of all time.The designer shows just how much they brought their muscular Diglett to life, outlining the design, sculpting and painting processes in a new video. The finished piece features a head of Diglett emerging from the classic Pokemon card, featuring a fully sculpted bodybuilder body underneath, with swimwear ready for the contest. The video was a hit on YouTube, garnering over 100,000 views, with hundreds of comments from amused fans.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Those who wish to make their own Pokemon card art can use the video as a guide, with the creator including all the materials needed for the process in the description of the video. Creating a muscular Diglett is no easy task, however, with the artist going so far as to add extra muscle detail, shading, and even veins to make their work as realistic as possible. This isn’t the first time North of the Border has brought a Pokemon card to life with their sculpture, and more creations related to the game of Pokemon, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more can be found on their channel.

While the Diglett buff isn’t exactly part of Nintendo’s canon, the meme is recognized around the world and is almost as famous as the Pocket Monster itself. Sadly, it seems likely that Diglett probably isn’t hiding a buff, toned human body under the ground, although thanks to fan art and carving, fans of the Ground type Pokemon and his memes can at least continue to pretend.

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Source: North of the border / YouTube

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