Competition: win an original painting by Manningtree, Essex

5:21 PM August 30, 2022

09:21 August 31, 2022

Artist James Merriott visits the pretty town of Manningtree on the River Stour

In 2008, I made my first visit to Manningtree to find the subject of my first Essex life feature on the city. I was captivated by everything I found there; in particular the wide estuary of the Stour with its river craft anchored in the water or at the edge of the muddy water.

I love painting the muddy Essex coastline, and we are privileged to have around 350 miles of it. Mud reflects light and can reveal shimmering highlights or the darker colors of purple, crimson and mauve – giving me the opportunity to pack the color. Painting seascapes can be a downfall for watercolorists, ending up in a muddy watercolor that leaves the finished paint yellowish and ineffective.

On a brighter note, the leafy banks of the Stour contributed so much to the overall beauty, while the stately architecture in and around the High Street gave me wonderful variation in this feature. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Manningtree Swans
– Credit: James Merriott


Not only the graceful swans but also the ever-present geese and ducks at the water’s edge.

Manningtree White Boat

White boat in the estuary
– Credit: James Merriott


How I like to find boats perfectly positioned at rest.

Manningtree Corner Cottages

Corner chalets
– Credit: James Merriott


Leaving the High Street at this corner you will have a full view of the Stour Estuary.

Stour Sailing Club

Stour Sailing Club
– Credit: James Merriott


Great location and with a balcony – handy for viewing the yachts.

Manningtree Blue Cottage

blue cottage
– Credit: James Merriott


Blue cottage with a blue door accented with blue pots on the steps. Red and yellow flowers warm up the scene.

Manningtree blue boat

Blue boat
– Credit: James Merriott


The focal point blue boat, complemented by well-placed surrounding craft.

You can contact James at Cottage Corner Art, 9 Byron Road, Hutton, Brentwood, CM13 2RU. Call 01277 210 728 to make an appointment.

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