Christopher Walken painted over original Banksy painting on BBC comedy show

Laura Dern, Steve Aoki, Lance Armstrong and Robin Williams are among the famous names who have chosen Banksy’s work for their own art collections, but apparently Christopher Walken is not so sure about the work of the famous English street artist. Or at least one of his characters isn’t. In The outlaws, a new comedic crime thriller on the BBC, Walken plays Frank, a man who spends hours of community service and does housework, stumbles upon a Banksy original and paints it quickly, the New York Times reports.

Walken’s character, Frank, doing his duty, removes a plank leaning against the alley wall, and behind that plank he finds Banksy’s room hiding. Frank tries to get his selfless supervisor to look at a painting of a rat (“It’s awfully good.”) But she urges him to do his job. The rat is quickly hidden under a few coats of cream paint. While it’s easy to think of the work as a recreation, a spokesperson for the show’s production company, Big Talk Productions, reportedly confirmed that the piece was an original Banksy, although none of the representatives for Banksy did not respond to the Timesrequest for comments.

Banksy’s work titled “Love is in the Bin”, which was created when the painting “Girl with Balloon” was shredded after its sale at Sotheby’s in 2018.

Photo: BEN STANSALL / AFP via Getty Images
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This isn’t exactly the first time a Banksy piece has encountered his demise. Back in 2018, his play Girl with a balloon immediately self-destruct after being sold for $ 1.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction, falling through the bottom of its frame which apparently unbeknownst to anyone except the artist himself , was hiding a shredder. In Banksy’s style, the room was later renamed Love is in the trash and auctioned for the second time.

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