Cemintel Territory Quarry helps create flagship home

The rugged concrete texture and look of Cemintel® Territory Quarry provides the ideal contemporary and industrial aesthetic for serial renovator and homeowner Brooke Ingham to create a landmark home.

Brooke had a clear vision for a new home in the Canberra suburb of Denman Prospect and that definitely included choosing Cemintel Territory – specifically the Territory Quarry range.

“When researching products, we really liked the look and feel of concrete, and Quarry was the product we absolutely fell in love with,” she says.

“We did a few renovations in our time and I said to my husband, ‘What can we do, it doesn’t include a lot of maintenance? I just want it to be beautiful all the time,” that’s why we chose Cemintel’s territory. And the way it happened is truly amazing.

Industrial aesthetics

With its industrial style appearance, Quarry provided a point of difference to their modern home as part of their chosen monochromatic exterior palette.

“We’re in a new suburb and we haven’t really seen this product on many exteriors – and even now we still haven’t really seen it on many other homes, especially not on this scale,” adds- she. “We definitely did something different – ​​most homes in our area have a similar look and feel with their facades. Using this product made our home stand out and we had many comments as we walked by, admiring the product throughout construction and once complete.

After the couple discovered Quarry and fell in love with its appearance, they added it to parts of the interior, as feature walls and as a cohesive design element.

“We had it installed in the entryway just to create another statement piece and it flows seamlessly from the outside in,” says Brooke. “We also decided to include it in the stairwell, as it is a two-storey house with two levels. Mainly for cohesion and as another statement in interior design. »

Easy installation

The builder of the Inghams was Marcus Noble of Noble Constructions. It was his first time using the Territory product and says he was blown away by its ease of installation and clean design. He has now used it on three subsequent construction projects because of how easy he found the process to be.

“I was really impressed with the hidden clip method they developed,” he says. “It’s very, very simple. With all other siding, you have to put fixings in it, then smooth it out, try to paint it, but Territory is a pre-finished product from the start. Clips are hidden; you don’t see any bindings.

“There is a starting track that you set up down there. And once you have the first set of panels, it’s almost foolproof. It’s literally stacking the next one on top and putting the clip on.

Marcus had a team of three to install Cemintel – himself and two other carpenters. “We all had the same comments; we just couldn’t figure out how quickly you could cover a wall once they were all prepped. It was so efficient and easy to cut into windows and things like that.

The product is sized appropriately, he adds, saying the supplied lengths from Territory were easy to handle and transport to the site.

A difficult choice

The Inghams have a family of three active young boys, and Brooke says all of their exterior surfaces need to be especially tough and durable.

“Cemintel is definitely a resilient product because there are always ball games and things happening in the garden,” she says. “We included it in our outdoor area on the ground floor, where all the children’s toys are. They’re bumping into it with cars and stuff because they think it’s a lot of fun having the race track on paths and paved areas outside – and it’s stood the test . The use of Cemintel on much of the exterior, front and rear, contrasts nicely with the greenery of the gardens.

Photograph by Ben King Photography

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