Bespoke bird sculpture protected by galvanizing company

A renowned blacksmith artist enlisted the services of Hull-based Humber Galvanizing Ltd to ensure an eye-catching piece is enjoyed by nature for years to come.

North Yorkshire-based Katie Ventress chose to use the services of Humber Galvanizing Ltd to protect and add an aesthetic touch to her latest project – an approx. 2.4m high.

The artwork was commissioned by a client of Katie and features a tree with each branch hosting a bird feeder. She frequently uses the galvanizing process in her works to enhance her renowned Gothic-inspired style while protecting them from the elements.

North Yorkshire based blacksmith artist Katie Ventress chose to use the services of Humber Galvanizing Ltd to protect and add an aesthetic touch to her latest project – a bird feeder of approx. 2.4m high.

Long-tailed tits are scattered in the branches, and a squirrel can be seen climbing the tree trunk. Once the final design was agreed and the part fabricated, Katie sent it to Humber’s galvanizing team to be hot dipped in their large bath of molten zinc, a process that coats the metal and protects it. corrosion and rust. After being galvanized, Katie added a group of forged solid brass tassels to complete the design, with additional color added later using Guilding wax.

Katie said: “The galvanizing is one of my favorite parts of the process because unlike painting it doesn’t cover up the finer details and instead creates a beautiful organic coloring. I also applied acid etching on top to further enhance the textures, create contrast and accentuate the shadows.

Influenced and inspired by the movement, form and texture of nature, Katie’s handmade pieces are a welcome nod to her upbringing in the countryside and her love of nature. After training as a blacksmith, she used her passion and knowledge of art and creativity to turn his talent into a career.

Working with Humber Galvanizing will ensure Katie’s sculpture will be enjoyed for years to come. She added: “It is reassuring to know that the galvanization of the tree will help it withstand the constant crackling of the feet of small birds when they come to enjoy the feeder, and that it will last much longer than a average equivalent from the local garden centre. ”

Tony Linsley, Sales Manager at Humber Galvanizing, added: “It’s always a great pleasure to work with Katie when she brings us her latest bespoke work. We feel privileged to play a role in the creation and preservation of these immense works of art.

Humber Galvanizing is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organization in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically located across the country, the company offers a truly national galvanizing service.

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