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Living in art is a new term that is used to emphasize the importance of the arts to humans, how we can imagine ourselves in the art space and what will this reflect on the experience of human life . All these elements are important and new in terms of user experience, and so that we can emphasize the close connection between art and man, we will go to architecture.

The architect is the author of the corridor, which will find the integration between the human and the exterior and interior void. Man began life’s journey by facing challenges and dwelling in caves to develop a life path. But behind these genes and chromosomes contained in human genes is a long series of complex codes that contain architectural genes in many people, and these architectural genes improve our lives because it is the function that transfers the quality of life from style standard to comfortable or luxurious.

The industrial revolution and population explosion led to overuse of architecture, and overuse with a fluctuating array of ineffective architectural genes may be one way to achieve some of the negatives. We see terms such as the humanization of cities and architectural sustainability emerging, that all of these terms can be natural functions that need to be fulfilled. The natural architect, during the design process, and the quality produced by the architectural project stand out clearly. To satisfy social psychology, the architect must play on the sensitive chord of emotion, and here it is necessary to refer to art!

The association of art with architecture and the arts of architecture is supposed to be considered as one of the basic rules, regardless of the styles that all architects call for. It should be specified that architecture is taste and taste is genetics like you, and all of this is a visual, tangible and tangible mix, as we have contemporary architects. And patriarchal and parametric, we should take care of the architect and the artist.

Frank Gehry says in one of the examples that he doesn’t want people to look at his works more than they are works of art. This approach in itself is considered innovative and ready to use. If we look at the complexities that the consultant and the architect go through, we find that finding design solutions for new buildings is seen as an innovative engineering solution and paves the way for new corridors of technology and design.

Why is society going to link with certain fixed elements to reinforce the natural solutions of daily life, routine can be a primary goal in the architectural design of space, but, a few simple attempts can make this space different by adding a different color to the wall or the floor or anything else, the architectural criticism The building is one of the most important elements that contribute to making architecture a radiant jewel that produces external elements and economies such as tourism and trade.

An architectural proposal (Living Within Art) by Saudi architect Ibrahim Joharji, founder of INJ Architecture Studio in Saudi Arabia, caught our attention. Life inside a vacation home is made up of two superimposed curves and arcs that make the experience of linking art with architecture a rich experience. What is the meaning and positive energy you will get from this architectural experience that cannot be separated from art, the sense of materials and the close connection with curves, smells and temperatures, make this design a masterpiece -of artwork that awaits those who acquire it, we must imagine that we are living inside a work of art in the true sense of the word and that the art is now a tangible work and lives in it?

The architect describes the moment of inspiration for the idea as imagining the idea of ​​fusion between earth and space, and it is not strange to adopt a model of bonding relationships, because architecture is wide and accepts the integration of all the elements in it and may not seem foreign to him as much as he seems welcome as an architect.

From another angle, we look at the modern fusion method between architecture and art. For the same architect, Ibrahim Joharji, you will find that the revolutionary design of the villa (Infinity) is a real achievement for the philosophy of tearing architecture with art in a modernist architectural framework. Very cool, this project will be a different feature of Saudi architecture and villa design explicitly, how fun it is to have curved ceilings looking in all directions between them and how it will create an abnormal quality of life for the demanding owner in the future.

Finally, how can art and architecture be combined through interior design, the luster of Islamic art caught our attention, by architect Ibrahim Joharji, to say that the elements of the Islamic art are essential and untouchable because it contains fixed and certain elements, but the way of developing it makes it very flexible The artist, in the end, does not want to blur the artistic identity of the art subject, but the way in which this architectural interior item has been designed is artistic in the truest sense and contemporary in a striking way, how can the Islamic colors and patterns match the lighting and the level of luxury to stand on The art form is an artistic creation in itself.

In summary, the field of architecture is a vast sea of ​​patterns and forms, and it must be able to absorb patterns, and the community will see a special bond through the diversity and distinctive architectural patterns.

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