Self Employed Loan: How To Get It?

Whenever a self-employed or informal worker needs a loan, many questions come to mind: How to get it without a signed third party? No paycheck? What do I need to do to get a freelance loan?

Fortunately, the options grow more and more. The advance of information technology and the high level of informality in the labor market motivate banks, lenders and lending companies to expand credit options for these workers.

Want to understand more about Personal Loans? 

Want to understand more about Personal Loans? 

Typically, your bank statement can serve as proof of informal income. Placing an asset as collateral (such as a vehicle, property, or jewelry) can also be of great help.

But beware! Things get much harder if you have a dirty name in the square. In addition, it is desirable to have an active and moving bank account, preferably over six months old.

Freelance Loan: The First Step

The first step to getting a freelance loan is to research. You need to find the lowest interest rates, deflect fraud and plan realistic installments that actually fit your monthly budget.

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How To Get A Freelance Loan

How To Get A Freelance Loan

In addition to the traditional way of going to an agency and asking for a manager, we’ve listed below seven ways to get a freelance loan:

Real Estate or Vehicle Refinancing

This option only works if you have a property or vehicle under your name.

This is a secured loan (in this case, a property or car is pledged in case you do not pay your installments on time). How is the bank sure that it will receive your payment (at worst it sells the good? debt and repay the debt), you will get very low interest rates.

In addition to having a low interest rate, the amounts provided by the financial institution are usually high and the payment period can also be quite long. The loan amount often reaches up to 70% of the collateral and 20 years to repay.

So it’s important to make it clear: If the debt is not paid, you will lose the good. So only use this option if you have a good plan and are sure you can pay off the debt.

Mortgage loan up to 100

Online mortgage group

Online mortgage group

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Mortgage interest rates for liquidity

Mortgage interest rates for liquidity

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  • In this regard, the fact that the risk is low, consumer credit extends from the particularly high cost.

  • Therefore it is not necessary to check whether to provide the social loan booklet.

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  • The so-called financial repayment is also allowed in a similar way, which are inclined to the content.

Know the difference between the various types of loans

Personal loan, payroll loan , overdraft, revolving loan, etc. There are several ways for you to make money today. But amid so many options, do you know the difference between each type of service? The advantages and disadvantages?

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

The amounts of the installments are discounted directly from the payroll. For this reason, this type of loan is not flexible as there is no way to postpone or change the payment date in case of an emergency. In addition, it is also more difficult to renegotiate.

Overdraft loan

Banks make the overdraft loan option available to checking account holders. This loan is nothing more than a pre-approved credit limit according to your profile. You can use credit at any time, as if it were an extension of your balance. Only the interest on this loan is very high! Think carefully before using it.

Revolving loan

It is the loan associated with the use of your credit card. When you make a purchase with the card but only pay the minimum invoice amount, you owe the bank the rest. And this debt will be charged on subsequent invoices, with a high interest rate. The main advantage is flexibility, as it is possible to choose any amount to pay per month, between the minimum and the total amount. The downside is that it is very easy for this kind of debt to snowball, due to monthly interest charges – so much so that this is one of the main causes of indebtedness of the Brazilian population. Use with control and planning!

Online Personal Loan

Online Personal Loan

To get this type of loan, you need to ask a bank, financial agency or correspondent bank for an exact amount of how much you need and how often the money will be returned. Then a contract is signed between the two parties and the loan is made after an analysis of their profile to determine if their income is compatible with the amount requested. To simulate your personal loan click here.

Anticipation of the Thirteenth

The advantage of this loan is that its rates are usually lower than other types of credits. Please note that even if the employer does not deposit or delay your 13th salary, the debt will be deducted from your checking account on the due date you and the bank agreed upon.
In addition, you give up receiving the thirteenth at the end of the year, which is a time when spending is higher. Therefore, think carefully before making this thirteenth anticipation .