2-stop personal lift installed for the Leichhardt family

A 2-stop personal lift has been installed in a house on Marion Street in Leichhardt, NSW to allow the family to move easily between the ground floor and the second floor.

The operating principle of the Flex-e home lift is based on the self-locking worm gear. The motor is mounted on the platform and rotates a threaded nut, which moves along the fixed screw, thereby lifting the platform.

The well is built on an anodized aluminum frame interconnected with the panels chosen by the customer. The lift comes with multi-layer sandwich panels and laminated glass panels as standard.

A maximum of three doors can be installed on each floor with left or right opening. The doors of the top floor stop can be designed as gates. This type of construction is aesthetic and modern and gives an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Depending on customer preference, the platform and panels can be painted in any RAL scale color. The standard Flex-e color is RAL9006 (white aluminium).

Thanks to the expertise and attention to detail of our team, this residential elevator project was completed quickly and efficiently.

The customer chose the Flex-e elevator for several reasons, including flexible design, small footprint, high level of safety, energy-saving technology, digital control system, smooth adjustable movement, quick and intuitive installation, exterior design options and a durable screw drive system. among others.

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